Most single-page application (SPA) only ship a minimal static HTML skeleton and then build the entire page dynamically. This also applies to tags in the HTML header <head>.

Today, I ran into a problem with dynamically added RSS feeds. The crucial part of the client side script looks like

// During SPA initialization routine
const head = document.querySelector('head');
config.rss_feeds.forEach(function (feed){
    const link = document.createElement('link');
    link.rel = "alternate";
    link.type = feed.mimetype;
    link.href = feed.url;
    link.title = feed.title;

Don’t bother yourself what the config object is. This one is provided by the backend to the SPA via a previous AJAX request and contains all the necessary configuration of the SPA. But it is pretty straight forward. The SPA creates a <link> element for each RSS feed and appends it to <head>.

When I look into my developer panel and inspect the HTML DOM, then the <link> tag exists as expected. However, RSS readers do not seem to detect the feed automatically. I mostly tried with Firefox and various plugins, but it the result is always negative.

I guess, the RSS plugins only analyze the HTML page onyce immediately after is has been loaded, but do not consider any changes due to Javascript.

How do I enable RSS feed autodetection for dynamically added <link> tags via JavaScript?

Preferably, a solution should work cross-client, i.e. in Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari, etc. Is there any JS method like “re-scan header”?

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By Ajay Kumar Verma

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