How MS Teams will change with ChatGPT-powered features: Explained in 10 points


Microsoft has recently introduced its Microsoft Teams Premium with OpenAI’s ChatPT features. This collaboration will provide users more intelligent and personalised features such as intelligent recap, AI created notes and more.

Here are 10 points on how Microsoft Teams will change with ChatGPT:

Intelligent recap

With the Microsoft Teams infusing AI throughout the meeting experiences, users will receive intelligent recap in Teams premium. Now users can access automatically generated meeting notes, recommended tasks and personalised highlights to get information most important to them.

AI-generated chapters

With the introduction of intelligent recap, now users will be able to get AI-generated chapters. These chapters will divide the meeting into sections for choosing the most relevant content later. It will save time spent reviewing the meeting recordings. Moreover, the feature will automatically generate meeting chapters based on the meeting transcript too.

Personalised timeline makers

There might be particular points in a meeting that users need to revisit. The personalised timeline markers can be called out when a host joined or left a meeting in the meeting recording, so it can be quickly clicked upon and listened to when something was missed. Personalised timeline markers will expand to include when someone’s name was mentioned and when a screen was shared.

Speaker timeline markers

These personalised meeting highlights will expand to include speaker timeline markers that will show who spoke during the meeting, when they spoke, and allow users to jump to that moment. As per Microsoft, speaker timeline markers are intelligently organised by who you work most closely with, so users will never miss feedback shared.

Live translations

AI will also help with people who natively speak different languages. With live translations (for captions) now available in Teams Premium, users get AI-powered real-time translations from 40 spoken languages. According to the company, meeting participants can read captions in their own language. Notably, only the meeting organiser needs to have Teams Premium for all meeting attendees to enjoy live translations.

Personalised branded meetings

With Teams Premium, now users will get personalised meetings. Branded meetings will allow users to see the logo and colors of their organisation when they join the meeting, and allow their brand colors to be infused in the meeting itself. According to Microsoft, during the meeting, Teams Premium users will be able to enable brand-approved organisation backgrounds and organisation together mode scenes, so that this will make their company and their people unique. Microsoft reveals that these organisation backgrounds and together mode scenes are available now and branded meetings will be available in mid-February 2023.

Customised meeting templates

Now with Teams Premium, IT admins will be able to create customised meeting templates such as a client call, brainstorming meeting, or help desk call. These templates will automatically include the correct settings to reduce the time and thought process it takes to create and get the meeting right.

Custom user policy packages

It can be difficult to assign meetings, messages, and app policies individually. Now with custom user policy packages, IT will be able to save time by creating a customised bundle of policies for users with similar roles in the organisation. It will simplify, streamline and prove to be time saving to manage policies for groups of users across an organisation.

Advanced meeting protection

With advanced meeting protection in Teams Premium, users will be able to easily upgrade safeguards for confidential business meetings without hampering the meeting experience. New meeting options, like watermarking to prevent leaks and limiting to record, will give users additional protections to keep their discussion private.

Meeting organisers can leverage a unique watermark over attendee screen shares and video feeds to present and display sensitive information. Moreover, in extremely sensitive meetings that require disabling some of the core meeting features for an advanced encryption option, IT-enabled users can apply an end-to-end encryption (E2EE) option to the meeting.

Virtual appointments

With Teams Premium, it will now be easy to connect with customers and manage the end-to-end customer experience with ‘Virtual Appointments’ in Teams. This will save time and resources on additional add-on or point solutions. Users can communicate with customers with no extra cost. The feature will allow external attendees to join virtual, branded lobby rooms through text messages or email on any device browser especially without them having to download an app.

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