October 26, 2021


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Xioami launches new alarm clock, can be connected to the phone via Bluetooth

Xiaomi offers many new products through its uPin crowdfunding platform. The company has now launched its Qingping Bluetooth Alarm Clock through this platform. The price of this clock is 59 yuan in China, which is about 590 rupees according to Indian money. This alarm clock comes with Bluetooth connectivity. There is no physical button provided in it. Instead, some of its features work by pressing the body of the Qingping Bluetooth Alarm Clock.

Xiaomi Bluetooth Alarm Clock

By pressing the body of this alarm clock once, its alarm snooze i.e. temporarily stops. Apart from this, by pressing its body twice you can set off its alarm. According to Gizmochina, this alarm clock will be available for sale in China from January 14, 2020.

This alarm clock comes with Bluetooth connectivity and can be paired with the smartphone. After connecting to the phone, the time of this clock automatically changes according to the phone. In this clock, users can set up to 16 alarms. Apart from this, it also has 8 different types of ringtones. The volume of this alarm can also be adjusted.

According to the report, this clock also detects temperature and humidity. Swiss sensiron sensor has been given in it to tell the temperature. This sensor comes with an accuracy of ± 0.2 ℃. Apart from this, its humidification capability also comes with ± 2% RH accuracy.

Let us know that the company recently released one such power bank. This power bank not only works for charging smartphones or electronic devices, but it is also an FM radio. If a person is fond of listening to FM radio even today, apart from the world going towards digital music apps, then this device may be liked by him.