October 16, 2021


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Xiaomi brings Two display smartphones technology, patent reveal

Xiaomi showed its foldable phone some time ago. At the same time, patents of the company’s unique design phones have been coming out for quite some time. Now a new smartphone design patent from Xiaomi has surfaced. This phone will be offered with not one but two displays. According to the patent, the phone will have two displays. It is expected that this phone will come in the name of Mi Mix Dual Diplay.

Xiaomi’s patent features a display in the front and a display in the rear. The patent sketch shows that the quad camera setup is also provided with the rear display of the phone. That is, there are 4 cameras on the back of the phone. Earlier, Vivo has introduced its dual display phone.

Secondary display is placed equal to the camera in this phone. This display will be for caller ID and notification alerts. At the same time, the bezel lace design will be present in the front of the phone. However, nothing can be said with certainty about when this phone will arrive in the mobile market.

Apart from this, the news was revealed some time ago, in which it was told that Xiaomi can offer a flip phone like Moto Razor. The flip phone will also have a display on the outside and two cameras will also be provided in the rear.

Xiaomi’s vertical folding phone was patented. This patent was filed this August 2018 and it was published and granted last month. It has appeared in the sketch that there will be a small display on the top of the phone which will be folded. Time, caller ID and notifications will appear in it.

Apart from this, the dual rear camera was vertical placed in the bottom of the phone. However, this camera position looks a bit odd. Apart from this, after flipping the phone, this device has a full display. It will have fewer bezels. However, it is currently just a patent. In the coming time, further design of this phone can be revealed.