The hassle of physical form for SIM card is over, new connection will be available through digital KYC

eKYC or Digital KYC - Concept, Scope, Application, Benefits & more

In a press conference on behalf of the government, it was said that now there will be customer verification in digital format to buy SIM cards. Apart from this, KYC will not be done again on switching from prepaid to postpaid or postpaid to prepaid.

Till now you have to give photocopy of Aadhar card or any other document to get SIM card but soon you are going to get freedom from it. The government has approved digital KYC, after which the document verification for SIM cards will be done in digital form only. The government says that telcos have a pile of papers worth 400 crores. In such a situation, it has now been decided to conduct digital KYC for new mobile connections.

Apart from the big announcement of digital KYC, the government has given big relief to the telecom companies. Telecom companies have been given a moratorium of 4 years to pay spectrum charges and AGR dues. Apart from this, non-telecom revenue will no longer be included in the AGR calculation. Relief has also been given in the interest rates of AGR.

Ajay Verma

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