October 26, 2021


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MIUI 12 launched, see its amazing features that will make Xiaomi smartphones even more special

Xiaomi is the name of the Indian market that has made rapid progress in the tech market and has now become India’s largest smartphone brand. All the famous smartphone brands are competing with Xiaomi on the strength of their products, but Xiaomi’s user base and fan following is so big that no one has been able to shake its number one chair yet. Launching a smartphone equipped with the best specifications at a low price, Xiaomi has made many new records. Apart from the look and specifications, another thing that makes Xiaomi phones user friendly is MIUI. MIUI ie Me User Interface. While giving a gift to his fans, Xiaomi has today introduced a new version of MIUI on the MIUI 12 tech platform.

top features of miui 12 in Xiaomi phones advanced performance update list

Xiaomi offers its own user interface in its smartphones called MIUI. These days MIUI 11 is the latest UI of Xiaomi, but today Xiaomi has launched MIUI 12, further enhancing this user interface. The company has also announced the MIUI 12 with the launch of the new smartphone Xiaomi Mi 10 Youth Edition. A list of smartphones has also been released by Xiaomi, which will get the MIUI 12 update first. You can see this list by clicking here. At the same time, we have prepared the list of top features of MIUI 12.

top features of miui 12 in Xiaomi phones advanced performance update list

1. Dark Mode 2.0

In MIUI 12, Xiaomi has advanced its famous dark mode even more. In MIUI 12 updating the feature, it will be seen with features like wallpaper dimming. Through this feature, according to sunlight i.e. daylight, the screen and wallpaper of the phone will automatically change its light. When dark mode is enabled in the phone, the glare will be reduced and the boldness of the font will be adjusted automatically. Here dark mode can be used in the phone UI as well as in the app installed in it. In addition to the pre-loaded app in the phone, the third party app will be installed, dark mode will also work in them. Xiaomi says that consumption of dark mode in MIUI 12 will reduce battery consumption to a great extent.

2. Always-On Display

There is a lot of demand for Always-On Display these days. Such users who like to keep their smartphones updated demand this feature. Xiaomi has included this feature in MIUI 12. With Always-On Display means AOD, date, time, weather in the smartphone as well as other necessary tools will remain visible even when the phone is locked. Through the MIUI 12 users will be able to choose the widget of their choice for AOD. Xiaomi has also included battery indicators and app shortcuts in MIUI 12. The biggest feature will be the options seen in Always-On Display, which will also run on animation.

3. Camera App

MIUI 12 also has layout support with the camera app. Through this feature, users will be able to set the camera app of the phone according to their own wishes. Users will be able to choose how to keep the layout of the camera. Which option is to be put forward in the camera app and which option will be replaced, all users will be able to set it according to their usage facility. Xiaomi phone users will be able to add 2-10 options to the default camera app UI. It will also include color customization which will include yellow, pink, purple, blue and green colors.

4. Gesture और Navigation

Xiaomi has also advanced gestures and navigation in MIUI 12. New animations have been added to the user interface and navigation has been made more interactive and easier. The transition from horizontal to horizontal display of the phone will look different from the new UI. It will be smoother than before. All sensors will be equipped with visual design feature. New gestures have been added to MIUI 12, In which without opening the app, you will be able to work on those notifications only by swiping down the notification panel. Similarly, even after opening and closing an app, different animation will be seen. Real time animation based on app icon gestures will be included and can be used by swiping right and left.

top features of miui 12 in Xiaomi phones advanced performance update list

5. Privacy Enhancements

MIUI 12 has been made more secure by Xiaomi than the earlier UI. It has been heard that for MIUI 12, the company has used Mobile AI Compute Engine i.e. MACE framework. This will make Xiaomi phones more secure than before. Details like users’ privacy like phone gallery, photo, mail account, location, message, contact and call history will be safe in the UI. It is discussed that the new feature will also include ‘App Behavior’, through which the user interface itself will monitor the apps, which app is doing something which is not good in terms of security.

Apart from the above features, options like Audio and Sound Effect, Battery Features, Notifications and Performance have also been updated in MIUI 12 which will be clear only when this user interface comes on the market.