October 26, 2021


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Incoming calls, ringing for 30 seconds on mobile and 60 seconds on landline is necessary: ​​TRAI

There was no fixed time limit for ringing during incoming calls in the country till now.

The operators accused each other of reducing the ringing time

he Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) on Friday fixed the ringing deadline for incoming calls to mobiles and landlines. TRAI has said that ringtone should be played for 30 seconds on a mobile phone and 60 seconds on a landline phone when a call is received. Even if the customer does not pick up the phone, the ringtone should not stop before the scheduled time.

Amending the quality and service rules for landline and mobile phones, TRAI said, “If the customer does not disconnect or answer the call when the voice call is received, in such a situation the alert time for the mobile phone is 30 seconds and There will be 60 seconds for a landline phone. ”

Controversy between Jio and Airtel-Idea

Reliance Jio illegally displayed landline numbers as mobile phone numbers on older operators like Bharti-Airtel and Vodafone-Idea. By doing this he made an unfair profit. Jio had also appealed to TRAI to impose large fines on Airtel and Idea for breaking the licensing rules and existing laws. Airtel hit back, accusing Xiao of misleading TRAI. Airtel said- Jio has done this before the call connect charge (interconnect usage charge) is implemented.

Companies were decreasing ring time arbitrarily

Until now, there was no limit to ringtone calls within the country. Telecom companies accused each other of arbitrarily reducing ring time. By doing this, she was working on a strategy to get the call back from the consumer of other networks, so that they could benefit.